Didn’t learn this from me. (at Kona Grill)

Woot. Handy Man Phil installs his first door. (It sucked.) (at Firepit)

True. (at Starbucks)

First Blood


On Monday I forced myself to stay up until 1:30 a.m. Tuesday so that I might step outside and gaze upon the Blood Moon in all it’s glory.

I had Netflix open in my browser and based on prior movies I’d watched, Netflix “suggested” I’d like Over the Top. Yes, that arm-wrestling movie with the backwards hats.

It was late and I was bored, so, “Why not?”

The movie dredged up memories I hadn’t thought about in 27 years. It seems that when I watched that movie’s first-run at the Linden 3 theatre in Caldwell, Idaho when i was 15, that even at that age, I realized just how bad that movie is.

And even though it is strange to me that I had mentally blocked this knowledge for 27 long years, it still isn’t the worst part of all this.

The worst part is how long it took me to remember how bad that movie is. By the time the credits rolled beneath the waves of crappy credits music, I clicked my browser closed and scurried off to bed, completely forgetting about the lunar eclipse.

I missed the Blood Moon because I watched Over the Top. You stole a piece of my life away, Sylvester Stallone. You stole it…away.


Doing my part to keep the Secret Service’s liquor cabinets well-stocked with Gin Martinis.

#TaxDaySucks (at Boise Main Post Office)

Welp, 1st suit purchase ever. (at Macy’s)

Ladies Night at the horse track.

I made coffee-foam art. First time, no lie. I call it: “Alien Face”. (at Goldys)

My Canadian Bat-Moose shirt. (at Idaho Power)

We got worms! (at Firepit)

Tree cast a cool pinstripe shadow on this car. (at Heritage Middle School)

Sweet Tooth. Awesome comic. (at Washington State Convention & Trade Center)

Weeping Angel: The galaxies deadliest assassins. (at Washington State Convention & Trade Center)